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In computing, sar (System Activity Report) is a Unix System V-derived system monitor command used to report on various system loads, including CPU activity, memory/paging, device load, network. Linux distributions provide sar through the sysstat package.


sar [-flags] [ -e time ] [ -f filename ] [-i sec ] [ -s time ]
-f filename Uses filename as the data source for sar. The default is the current daily data file /var/adm/sa/sadd.
-e time Selects data up to time. The default is 18:00.
-i sec Selects data at intervals as close as possible to sec seconds.


user@localhost:$ sar

Displays current CPU activity.

To add hourly and average CPU usage to a logfile:

echo "SAR on the 1/2 hour and average CPU" >> $LOGFILE
sar | head -4 | tail -1 >> $LOGFILE
sar | tail -3 >> $LOGFILE

See also[edit]

  • sag - "system activity graph" command[1]
  • ksar- BSD licensed Java-based application to create graph of all parameters from the data collected by Unix sar utilities.
  • CURT, IBM AIX CPU Usage Reporting Tool



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