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Sara J. Myers is a Professor Emerita at Columbia Theological Seminary and former president of the American Theological Library Association. She is considered one of the best theological librarians in the U.S. and has been the Director of numerous libraries, as well as taught at a number of universities across the country.


Sara Myers first received her Bachelor of Arts from Florida University in 1970. She then proceeded to continue her education at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she earned her Masters in Library Sciences in 1972. Then in 1990 she attended Emory University and earned her Doctor of Philosophy.[1]


Throughout her professional life Myers has served at a number of different libraries and has been an influential person in the progression of theological libraries. In 1972 she began her work at Duke University as a Cataloger. She briefly held this same position at Pitts Library at Emory University, where she held various positions. These positions included Reference Librarian, Assistant Librarian for Public Services, and Acting Librarian. At the Iliff School of Theology and Union Theological Seminary she served as both the Director and a Professor of Theological Bibliography. she played an important role at these schools by growing the libraries both within the school and throughout the respective communities. After her service at both of these schools she moved and became the Director and Professor of Theological Bibliography of the John Bulow Campbell Library at Columbia Theological Seminary. Here she retired and earned the title of Professor Emerita.[1]

Outside of the universities she has also been a vital part of a number of committees emphasizing the importance of theological libraries. She has also published a number of articles and presentations. She was a frequent contributor to The ALA Yearbook of Library and Information Services: A Review of Library Events. Her research includes women in American society, religious biography and autobiography.[2] As a result, she also served as an editor and writer in Encyclopedia of Women and Religion in North America, volume 1.

American Theological Library Association[edit]

The American Theological Library Association (ATLA) is an organization of professionals that aim to foster and support theological and religious libraries and those who work in them. One of their main focuses is to ensure that resources are available and plenty for those who are engaged in religious studies.[3] Sara Myers has served on a variety of committees throughout her career and has left a lasting impact on this organization. She has served as both the President and Vice President, in addition to serving on the Board of Directors for five years. As a member of the Special Committee of the Association for International Collaboration she was also instrumental in outreach and international awareness. She sought to increase cooperation between theological libraries across the world and support cooperative projects between the ATLA and other foreign theological library associations.


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