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Sara Negri (born January 21, 1967)[1] is a mathematical logician who studies proof theory. She is Italian, but works in Finland, where she is a professor of theoretical philosophy in the University of Helsinki.[2]

Negri was born in Padua,[1] and studied at the University of Padua. She earned a master's degree there in 1991 and a Ph.D. in 1996, both in mathematics.[2] Her dissertation, Dalla Topologia Formale all'Analisi, was supervised by Giovanni Sambin.[3] She came to Helsinki as a docent in 1998, and became a full professor there in 2015. She has also taken several visiting positions,[2] including a Humboldt Fellowship in 2004–2005 at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.[2][4]

Negri is the co-author, with Jan von Plato, of two books:

  • Structural Proof Theory (Cambridge University Press, 2001)[5]
  • Proof Analysis: A Contribution to Hilbert's Last Problem (Cambridge University Press, 2011)[6]


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