Sarah Kemp

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Sarah Kemp
Born 1937
Died 9 January 2015 (aged 77)
Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia
Other names Sarah Kemp
Occupation Actor
This article is about the Australian actress. For the wife of James Brady, née Kemp, see Sarah Brady. For the English pair skater, see Sarah Kemp (figure skater).

Sarah Kemp (1937 – 9 January 2015) was an Australian actress best known for starring in the Australian soap opera Sons and Daughters, playing the highly popular character of socialite Charlie Bartlett, from 1982 to 1987.

Her credits include the film A Touch of the Other (1970), two episodes of the Doctor Who story Day of the Daleks (1972), and a 1972 episode of The Benny Hill Show. She was in the series Shoestring which appeared on BBC television between 1979 and 1980. She played an Australian hitchhiker. She then returned to Australia and starred in Sons and Daughters. She appeared in Sporting Chance in 1981. Her last credited role was in the TV movie, Mercy Mission: The Rescue of Flight 771 in 1993. She later quit acting and worked as an English teacher. [1]


Kemp ran for the New South Wales Legislative Council in 1999 on the Unity Party ticket.[2]


Sarah Kemp died at Bellingen Hospital in New South Wales on 9 January 2015, due to lung cancer, aged 77.[3]


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