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New Holland Cassowary by Sarah Stone c.1789-1790

Sarah Stone (1760–1844), later known as Sarah Smith, was an English natural history illustrator and painter. Her works included many studies of specimens brought back from expeditions to England from Australia and the Pacific. Her illustrations are the first studies of many species, making them highly significant in the world of science.[1][2]


Stone worked as a draftsperson, natural history and scientific illustrator, and painter, between 1777 and 1820.[3] She was commissioned by Sir Ashton Lever in the 1770s to sketch and paint images of objects in his Leverin Museum.[4] She exhibited as an "Honorary Exhibitor" at the Royal Academy of Arts in 1781, 1785 and 1786.[3] Stone created numerous watercolour paintings of specimens sent by John White, the First Surgeon General of the Australian colony, between 1789 and 1790. These paintings were used to produce engravings for White's A Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales (1790).[5]

Stone's work is held by the British Museum, the National Library of Australia, and the State Library of New South Wales.[3]

Personal life[edit]

On 8 September 1789 Stone married John Langdale Smith.[6]


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