Sardar Haji Faiz Muhammad Khan Zikeria

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Faiz Muhammad Zikria (1892 – 1979) was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and completed his education in Habibia High School. He was the counselor of Foreign Service in 1921 and was also acting Minister of Education from 1923 to 1924 became Minister for Education 1924 to 1927. He was later Minister for Foreign Affairs 1929-1938, became Ambassador to Turkey from 1938–1948, Ambassador at the court of St James's 1949-1950 and to Saudi Arabia 1955-1960. He retired in 1960 and emigrated to the USA in 1964. He was also a noted poet and writer. He died in the USA, in 1979 and was buried in Peshawar. As being decedents of royal blood line of Barakzai Dynasty, he was married 2 times and had 8 sons and 4 daughters. His sons are Faiz Ahmad Zikria, famous Dari poet, composer and musician Fazl Ahmad Khan Nainawaz, Amir Ahmad Zikria, Habib Ahmad Zikria, Bashir Ahmad Zikria, an Emeritus professor of surgery at the College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University in New York City, Najib Ahmad Zikria, a prominent psychiatrist, and Zia Ahmad Zikria.[1][2]