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Sareh /Sar-eh/, ساره, differing from Sara or Sarah, is a Persian name. It's also believed that Sareh might have Australian or Arabic origin.[1] The meaning of Sareh is “pure","Beautiful","Blessed" Sareh is also said to have Arabic meanings السرور و البهجة which mean happiness. The name Sareh is fairly uncommon.[citation needed] The Original Sareh,سارا ی(Sar-ay), is described as being exceptionally beautiful.

The Persian name "Rokh-Sareh",رخساره,(meaning the one who has the look and beauty of Sareh) is a compound name referring to the beauty of the original female named Sareh.

Historical popularity[edit]

Sareh has never been ranked in the top 1000 names (as measured by births) in the United States.

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