Sarvam Sakthimayam

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Sarvam Sakthimayam
Directed by P.R. Somasundar
Starring Rajesh
Sudha Chandran
S. Ve. Shekher
Radha Ravi
Ramya Krishnan
Music by Ben Surender
Release date
Language Tamil

Sarvam Sakthimayam is a 1986 Tamil devotional film directed by PR Somasundhar under the banner Preethi Inder Combines. It stars Rajesh and Sudha Chandran in lead roles, with S. Ve. Shekher, Manorama, Radha Ravi, Ramya Krishnan in supporting roles. The movie has music composed by Ben Surender.


K. Natraj (Rajesh) is an orphaned but successful architect who lives with his aunt and cousin. One day in the temple, he chances upon Sivakami (Sudha Chandran), a very pious girl who is very much devoted to the Mother Goddess. Natraj falls for her and eventually expresses his wish to marry her. She doubted that he will marry her at first because of the fact that she lost one leg in an accident. But Natraj still wanted to marry her and they eventually tie the knot.

However, Natraj's aunt Rajamma and her son, his cousin Balu do not like Sivakami and often look down on her because of her handicap, and their hatred for her increases even more when Natraj entrusts the key of the money safe to her. Balu is in a habit of visiting Bhama, a temptress who, along with her "uncle", Alavanda (Radha Ravi), often swindles money from Balu. When Sivakami gets pregnant, Balu, along with his mother try and abort the baby fearing that Sivakami may control them of money once the baby is born by secretly spiking her drinks with a special drug which will abort the baby, and they succeed twice. But Natraj and Sivakami did not know of their plot and thought that the abortion naturally happened.

Disheartened, they accept it as fate. One day when they were going out. Sivakami notices a temple tower in a distance. After some inquiry, they find out that it is an old temple, known as "Kolakara Kaliamman Kovil" meaning temple of killer Goddess, named so because of many mysterious murders that has been happening in that temple for the past ten years. One of the murders were shown in the beginning of the movie, where a married couple takes shelter in the temple during rain and the husband is lying dead under the trident of the Goddess the next morning, and the wife dies along with husband while mourning for him. Many other murders happened similarly. Nobody went to the temple after that.

Sivakami wanted to go to the temple, and they enter the temple, which was very dilapidated. She was mesmerized by the temple deity, the Goddess Kali. She cleaned the temple premises and, along with her husband, worshiped the Goddess and asked Her to grant them a baby, promising that they will perform penance and renovate the temple in return. One day Rajamma makes Sivakami grind rice to make a "Maavilakku" (a special lamp made of flour, used for worship of the Goddess), despite knowing that she is handicapped, and goes to the temple with the flour for the vilakku without Sivakami, also knowing that Sivakami goes to the temple every Friday. Unhappy that she was not able to see the maavilakku ceremony, she prays to the Mother Goddess to forgive her. The Goddess (Ramya Krishnan) appears in front of her house in the guise of a lady, gives her some flour as blessing and leaves the house.

After that, things start happening to the advantage of Sivakami through the grace of the Goddess. She gets pregnant again and this time Rajamma and Balu's efforts were in vain to abort the baby. Eventually Sivakami gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. Since young, the girl, named Devi, has behaved in many ways like the Mother Goddess. Rajamma and Balu try to kill Devi many times, but she kills all the assassins hired by Balu, including one who is revealed to have committed all the mysterious murders associated with the Kali temple. This assassin's killing is a dramatic one where the Goddess herself kills him. He lies dead under the trident of the Goddess Kali, similar to all the murders that has been done by him.

"Nalvaakku" Nagamma (Manorama), is a woman who pretends to talk to the Mother Goddess by trunk calls through a lime phone, trying to solve people's problems by taking money from them as call bills, and earns a living though that. Raju(S. Ve. Shekher), comes to her asking for help to identify what his father wanted to tell him before he died. Using his father's words, Manorama gets him married to her daughter, a fat Renuka. These scenes provide comic relief.

As per their prayer, Sivakami and Natraj renovate the old Kali temple and in this festival, the Goddess reforms Rajamma by burning her Saree and then saving her by making the women fit a Veppillai (Neem) robe around her. Balu took his mother's new behavior as the last straw and hires some poachers to release a leopard to kill Devi. But the leopard envisions Devi as the Mother Goddess and becomes tamed by Devi. It then bites Balu, causing him to lose his right leg. Balu also comes to know that Bhama was a cheater and that Alavanda was her boyfriend in the guise of an old man. He confronts them but gets beaten up in return. Cheated and depressed, Balu reforms himself. Only his sister-in-law, Sivakami actually cared for him and he begins to respect her.

One day, Devi gets bitten by a snake and the doctors say that she may not recover. Sivakami goes to the Kali temple and prays for her daughter's life. Devi comes to life, much to the family's happiness. Sivakami asks Devi to go to the Goddess and thank her. Devi goes and merges with the idol of Kali. A divine light appears and then the Goddess reveals that it was Her who incarnated as Sivakami's daughter to restore righteousness. She blesses all of them and disappears.


Six songs were composed for this film by Ben Surender, amongst other small tracks.

  • Sangeetha Sowbhagyame
  • Vanthene
  • Arul Mazhai Pozhiyum
  • Devi Sri Devi
  • Sarvam Sakthimayam
  • Mahakali