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Saskia Luutsche Ozinga (born 1960 in Beverwijk)[1] is a Dutch environmental and social activist. She is the facilitator of the Forest Movement Europe (FME) and the co-founder of the NGO FERN, of which she is currently the campaigns coordinator.[2]


Saskia Ozinga holds Masters degrees in Biology from Wageningen University and Healthcare from the University of Utrecht, Netherlands. After working as a teacher for environmental sciences at the University in Utrecht, Saskia Ozinga joined Friends of the Earth. She worked as an education officer for Friends of the Earth Netherlands from 1987 until 1990, when she took on the position of forest campaigner. In 1991, Saskia took on the role of facilitator of the newly created Forest Movement Europe (FME), role that she still hosts at present.

In March 1995 Saskia co-founded, together with Sian Pettman, the organisation FERN with a mandate to monitor EU activities in relation to forests, inform and educate the Forest Movement Europe about these activities and facilitate joint advocacy work towards the different EU institutions. She is also a board member of Forest Peoples Programme, Stichting Tropenbos International and Taiga Rescue Network, and member of the steering committee of the World Rainforest Movement.

She now lives with her partner Mark Gregory and her daughter Luutsche Ozinga in Oxfordshire. Mark is a former BBC Radio World Service Journalist and Luutsche is a student at Sheffield University.




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