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Sass Henno (born September 13, 1982 in Tartu, Estonia) is an Estonian writer.

He attended Miina Härma Secondary Grammar School in Tartu between 1989-2001. 2001-2003 he studied computer graphics and advertising in Tartu Art College, then film and video directing in the Tallinn University between 2003-2005. Since 2007 he has been attending a master’s level screenwriting course in Baltic Film and Media School.

He won the first prize in Estonian Novel Competition 2005 with his work Mina olin siin. Esimene arest. A feature-length film based on the novel was released in 2008 (I Was Here).

Henno worked in Estonian Television as an assistant and director. Since 2005 he has been a member of Estonian Writers' Union. Since 2010 he works as a CEO of Spring Advertising ad agency Royal Service event marketing agency.

Henno also enjoys reading, sailing and shooting (IPSC).


  • Elu algab täna (Life Starts Today e-book, 2003)
  • Mina olin siin. Esimene arest (I Was Here. The First Arrest; Eesti Päevaleht 2005)
  • Mereröövlimäng (Pirat Game; Troll 2005)
  • Elu algab täna (Life Starts Today; Eesti Päevaleht 2006)
  • Südameasjad (Matters of the Heart; shortfilm, Allfilm 2007)


I Was Here. The First Arrest

  • Macedonian: Jас бев тука, Skopje: Antolog 2014
  • Hungarian: Itt jártam: az első letartóztatás, Budapest: Silenos 2010
  • Latvian: Šeit biju es. Pirmais arests, Riga: Dienas Grāmata 2006

Pirate Game

  • Russian: Игра в пиратов, Tallinn: Kite 2012


2004 Writers’ Union Novel Competition, winner (I Was Here. The First Arrest)