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Satatna, or Sitatna, and also Šutatna/Shutatna-(of a Babylonian letter of Burna-Buriash), was a 'Mayor'/Ruler of Akka, or Acco, modern Acre, Israel, during the 1350-1335 BC Amarna letters correspondence.

Satatna was the author of 3 letters to the Egyptian pharaoh, letters EA 233-235, (EA for 'el Amarna'). He is referenced in another minor vassal letter of Ruler: "Bayadi of Syria", and he is also referred to in EA 8, by Burna-Buriash as "..Šutatna, the son of Šaratum-(Surata) of Akka..."

A list of Satatna authored letters is as follows:

  1. EA 233—title: "Work in progress"
  2. EA 234—title: "Like Magdalu in Egypt". See: commissioner: Šuta.
  3. EA 235—title: "An order for glass"

Satatna's 3 Amarna letters[edit]

EA 233, "Work in progress"[edit]

"Say to the king, [m]y [lord], the Sun from [the sky]: Message of Satatna the ruler of Akka, your servant, the servant of the king and the dirt at his feet and the ground on which he treads, I prostrate myself at the feet of the king, my lord, my god, the Sun from the sky, 7 times and 7 times, both on the stomach and on the back. He is obeying what the king, my lord, has written to his servant, and preparing everything that my lord has order[ed]." -EA 233, lines 1-20 (complete)

EA 234, "Like Magdalu in Egypt"[edit]

See: Egyptian commissioner: Šuta.

EA 235, "An order for glass"[edit]

"Say to the king, my lord, my Sun, my god, the Sun from the sky: Message of Sitatna, your servant, the dirt at your feet. (I pr)ostrate myself at the feet of the king, my lord, my Sun, my god, 7 times and 7 times. ((at the feet of the king, my lord))-(emphasis-?). [I] have obeyed the [or]ders of the king's comm[issioner] to me, to guard the citie[s f]or the king, my lord. I have guarded very carefully. M[oreover], the king, my lord has wri[tten] to me for glass, [and] I herewith send 50 (units), [their] weight-(i.e. I herewith send: "50–weight"), to the king, my lord." -EA 235 (join of EA 327), lines 1-21 (complete)-(Note: reduces 382 Amarna letters to 381 (!))

See: Pu-Ba'lu for another letter concerning glass-(EA 314, "A shipment of glass"). Also see: Yidya, letter EA 323, "A royal order for glass".

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