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Satine Phoenix
Satine Phoenix photo by Allan Amato for Temple of Art
Born (1980-05-22) May 22, 1980 (age 38)
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)[2]
Weight140 lb (64 kg)[2]

Satine Phoenix (born May 22, 1980)[1][2] is a Filipino American comic book illustrator, painter, cosplayer, model, actress, former pornographic actress, and bondage/fetish model living in Los Angeles, California.[3] She is the co-creator, with writer R.K. Syrus, of the graphic novel New Praetorians and the founder of CelebrityChariD20 (formerly CelebrityCharityDnD). In 2010, she revived her art and gaming career at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, California by starting DrawMelt (a life drawing class with cosplay models) and DnDMelt (a gaming community focused around Dungeons and Dragons).

In April 2017, Phoenix took over from Matthew Mercer as host of the Game Master Tips web series on Geek & Sundry's YouTube channel,[4] which discusses the role of the Dungeon Master within Dungeons and Dragons.

Early life[edit]

Phoenix was born May 22, 1980 in Olongapo, Zambales,[1] located in the Philippines. Her father is American/Sicilian, and her mother is Filipino. She was raised in Sacramento, California.[5]

Mainstream career[edit]

Illustration: Phoenix is the co-creator and illustrator of the New Praetorians graphic novel. She also works part-time creating box art for The Loyal Subjects, has created art for musical acts such as Jason Charles Miller and DirtyLvrs, and paints large commissions. She illustrated Machinations of the Space Princess, a tabletop roleplaying game by James Desborough.

Actress & Model: Phoenix has accepted projects that appeal to her interests in gaming and fetish fashion, cosplaying characters from various D&D games and modeling in latex and leather. Notable projects include Pen, Paper & Laser Guns and her role in co-developing the gaming web series I Hit It With My Axe, which was distributed through online magazine The Escapist.[3][6] In 2013, she appeared in the Javier Grillo-Marxuach's short film Minotaur.[7]

Gaming: Phoenix founded DnDMelt at Meltdown Comics in October 2011, where she was later dubbed "The Queen of D&D".[8] Phoenix also co-created Maze Arcana. In addition to supporting the Los Angeles Dungeons & Dragons Meetup,[9] Maze Arcana live streams weekly Dungeons and Dragons games on the Maze Arcana and DnD Twitch channels. Here, Phoenix acts as Dungeon Master for an all-female cast in Sirens of the Realms,[10] and previously acted as DM for episodes of Fury's Reach alongside Maze Arcana co-creator Ruty Rutenberg.

Geek & Sundry: Phoenix has both appeared in and hosted a number of episodes on Geek & Sundry: Phoenix appeared in seasons three[11] and four[12] of the TableTop web series with Wil Wheaton; and in April 2017 she began hosting the second season of Game Master Tips (GM Tips), a YouTube video series for Dungeon Masters in Dungeons and Dragons and gamemasters in other tabletop role-playing games.[4] Season two of GM Tips expanded on the original format through Satine interviewing influential players from the tabletop role-playing gaming universe. The second season ended with Phoenix interviewing the host of the first season, Matthew Mercer, in December 2017.[13]

Other: In 2008, Phoenix appeared in an episode of the WE tv series Secret Lives of Women and was a guest on the Fox talk show The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.[14] Phoenix has been portrayed by many artists, including Swedish punk painter Karl Backman[15][16] and American photographer Chad Michael Ward.[17][18]

Phoenix organizes meet-ups and events, notably the "Celebrity Charity Dungeons & Dragons", a charity event to raise funds for Reach Out and Read, a national non-profit organization that advocates for childhood literacy.[19] She has also done live performance art with the San Francisco group "Zen Bullies," body painting, a bondage burlesque show, and had a weekly radio show on KSEXradio.[20]

Adult film career[edit]

Phoenix was a computer programmer and a stripper in San Francisco before entering the adult film industry in 2006.[20][21] Phoenix was also very open about her interest in S&M and bondage,[20] and she came in fourth place for Best Comic Artist at the Bondage Awards in 2010.[22]

In a 2006 report for the news website AlterNet the journalist Annalee Newitz referred to her as "the sort of person who has the education and resources to choose from many careers and has chosen this one because she likes it".[23]

Awards and nominations[edit]

  • 2007 Adultcon Award nominee – Best Actress in an Intercourse Performance – Hardcore Training #6[24]


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Further reading[edit]

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