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Saturday Morning Flashback is a program airing from 8 AM until 12 noon Saturday mornings on Chicago radio station WXRT. It has aired continually in this time slot since 1985.[1] The show is hosted by WXRT DJ Wendy Rice and features contributions from several other WXRT DJs including Lin Brehmer and Marty Lennartz, who provides the voice for Chicago's hometown movie critic "the regular guy". Each week, Saturday Morning Flashback highlights the key music and cultural events encompassing a single year from the rock and roll era. The years covered range from 1967 on into the mid-1990s, with new years gradually added in chronological order; each year is typically featured once every six to nine months, but the choices fit no other predictable pattern. The most recent years regularly covered are 1995 (first featured July 14, 2007) and 1996 (first featured August 20, 2016);[2] however, on January 26, 2013, 1999 became the most recent year featured - something of an oddity, as 1997 and 1998 have yet to be covered (as of August 2016).

In 2006, WXRT announced that, after 21 years, Saturday Morning Flashback would air its final show on April 1. This "finale" would feature ads for XRT's new Saturday morning programming, including a radio version of Fox's hit TV show "24". This turned out to be nothing more than an elaborate April Fool's Day hoax and programming director Norm Winer addressed listeners at the end of the show to ensure them that this popular program would not go away any time soon.


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