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Vihara Satya Dharma
Denpasar Bali Indonesia Vihara-Satya-Dharma-Chinese-Temple-02.jpg
Satya Dharma Chinese Temple
General information
TypeChinese temple
Architectural styleChinese style
LocationIndonesia Benoa, South Kuta, Badung, Bali
AddressPelabuhan Benoa Street 108, Benoa, Bali
Construction started2006
InauguratedWednesday, August 15th 2012
Cost3-4 Billions Rupiah[1][2]
Other dimensionsBuilding 800 m2
Area 8200 m2 [1][2]
Technical details
Floor count1 floor

Vihara Satya Dharma is a modern Chinese temple at Benoa Port, Bali. It is a temple of "Satya Dharma" or "Shenism", Southeast Asian names for the Chinese folk religion. Like other Chinese temples and in Bali, this temple also has an altar in its outdoor yard dedicated to gods of Balinese Hinduism.[1]

The main deity of this temple is Mazu. As a temple which is built in the international port area, this temple worships the deities of travel safety, sailing, and business. This is the first Chinese temple in Benoa Port thus is expected to be a worship place for the sailors from various countries and also as a tourist attraction.[2]


"Satya Dharma" (Sanskrit) means "True Law". "Vihara" is a Sanskrit term traditionally used for Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia, but it is also used occasionally for Chinese temples, otherwise called klenteng, since the New Order dispositions. Even though Confucianism has recently been accepted as a legal religion in Indonesia, many new Chinese temples in Bali still use the term "vihara" in their names.

"Vihara Satya Dharma" is translated in Chinese characters as 宮安保, from the right to the left readable as bǎo ān gōng. 保 (bǎo) means "to protect" while 安 (ān) means "content, quiet, peace", thus 安保 (ānbǎo) means "to maintain security". The 宮 (gōng) character means "temple, palace". Literally, Bao An Gong means the "Temple to Maintain Security".[3] It is a common term for any Chinese temples in Indonesia which intends the safety of its followers, especially in the spiritual meaning.


Vihara Satya Dharma is located at the north end of Benoa Port Highway. The temple foundation got the construction fund from the donation of the worshipers from Indonesia especially Bali, even from Japanese, Taiwanese, and Thais sailors. The construction lasted for 6 years until it was inaugurated in 2012. The inauguration celebration was held on 22 August 2012 and was attended by the Deputy Governor of Bali, i.e. AA Ngurah Puspayoga.[1][2]


Number Sing Bing (Deity) Location Information
Thian Kong Terrace
01 Chie Ong Ya, Na Cha, Siong Ti Kong The main front room (middle room) Middle altar
02 Kwan Kong The main front room (middle room) Left altar
03 Ma Cho The main front room (middle room) Right altar
Ngo Yia Ciong Kun Right wing
01 Kwan Im Put Co The main back room (middle room) Middle altar
02 Thai Sue Ya The main back room (middle room) Left altar
03 Seng Ong Ya The main back room (middle room) Right altar
04-05 Toa Ya Pe dan Ji Ya Pe The main back room (middle room) Flank Seng Ong Ya
01 Toa Pe Kong Left wing back room Middle altar
02 Te Con Ong Po Sat Left wing back room Left altar
03 Cin Cui Co Se Left wing back room Right altar
04 Tei Ki Co Left wing back room Under Te Con Ong Po Sat
05 Pei Ho Ciong Kun Left wing back room Under Cin Cui Co Se
01 Cu Seng Nian Nian Right wing back room Middle altar
02 Ong Ya Kong Right wing back room Left altar
03 Niu Niu (女娘娘) Right wing back room Right altar
Front yard Under the flags


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