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Sauhügel is located in Thuringia
Highest point
Elevation 721.7 m (2,368 ft)
Coordinates 50°31′56″N 11°10′48″E / 50.53222°N 11.18000°E / 50.53222; 11.18000Coordinates: 50°31′56″N 11°10′48″E / 50.53222°N 11.18000°E / 50.53222; 11.18000
Location Thuringia, Germany
Parent range Thuringian Forest

The Sauhügel is a 721.7 m high (above sea level) mountain located in the Thuringian Highland, Thuringia (Germany).

It is located close to the municipality of Lichte and the Leibis-Lichte Dam in the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt district in the Thuringian Forest Nature Park within walking distance of the Rennsteig.

Neighbouring mountains
Description Height
above sea level
Direction Particularity
Spitzer Berg 790.3 m N Coniferous forest
Rauhhügel 801.9 m E Observation tower, radio mast
Mutzenberg 770.0 m SE Coniferous forest
Mittelberg 803.6 m S SE with Kirchberg (688 m)
Hahnberg 685.3 m S Pastureland
Apelsberg 785.3 m S SW
Rückersbiel 755.6 m SW

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