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Saum may refer to:

  • Azmat-e-Saum, one of the Urdu works of Israr Ahmed
  • Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum rifle cartridges, also known as RSAUM, and RSUM, available in two calibers:
  • Sawm, an Arabic word for fasting regulated by Islamic jurisprudence
  • Saum (Universal Sufism), one of Inayat Khan's prayers included in the Universal Worship Service, officiated by the clergy of Universal Sufism
  • Saum, Minnesota, United States, an unincorporated community
  • Saum Schools, a site in Beltrami County, Minnesota which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places
  • Roland Saum, former guitarist for the Swiss band Sportsguitar
  • Sherri Saum, American Daytime Emmy nominated actress
  • Sigrid the Haughty AKA Saum-Aesa, Sigrid the Haughty, Sigrid Storråda, Świętosława, Saum-Aesa, and Gunnhilda, a Nordic queen of contested historicity