Sauveur Abel Aubert Petit de la Saussaye

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Sauveur Abel Aubert Petit de la Saussaye (1792–1870)[1] was a malacologist from France. His surname is: Petit de la Saussaye.

From 1850 to 1853 he was editor of the Journal de Conchyliologie.[2] He was the author of the following:

  • Notice à l'usage des personnes qui s'occupent de la recherche des coquilles, 1838 – Instructions of usage for persons involved in the search for shells. [3]
  • Catalogue des mollusques testacés des mers d'Europe, 1869 – Catalog of shelled mollusks found in the seas of Europe.[4]

Species described[edit]

Species and genera described by Sauveur Abel Aubert Petit de la Saussaye include (in chronology order):


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