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Savage Chickens is a webcomic created by Canadian cartoonist Doug Savage. It is a single panel comic drawn on yellow sticky notes, often featuring alternative humor. Savage Chickens has existed since 31 January 2005[1] and it contains at least a thousand comics to this date. The page[2] is generally updated daily Monday through Friday. Whereas situations in the comic are primarily carried out through cartoon chickens, other characters, such as Timmy the tasteless tofu, and a mock-up robot boss named PROD3000 are integral characters.[3]


The comic is dominated by chickens, but there is a large cast of recurring characters besides chickens. Timmy the tasteless tofu, who often engages in lewd thinking or activities, PROD3000, who portrays a satiric-hyperbolic view of a workplace manager, Worm, an alcoholic bug attorney, and a cast of mutants possessing seemingly useless powers are among them.[3] There are also multiple popular culture references, including Jason, Alien, Star Wars, Mr. T, U2's The Edge, Sigmund Freud, and Chuck Norris, along with other popular movies and actors.


Savage Chickens has garnered some critical acclaim. One site, The Webcomic Overlook[4] gave it five stars out of five. The Vancouver Sun posted an article detailing Doug Savage's victory in a music video competition for performer Laura Veirs.[5] He filmed a stop-animation style musci video[6] using his trademark chickens.


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