Sawan Gas Field

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Sawan gas field
Sawan Gas Field is located in Sindh
Sawan Gas Field
Sawan Gas Field is located in Pakistan
Sawan Gas Field
Location of Sawan gas field
Country Pakistan
Region Sindh
Location Khairpur District
Offshore/onshore Onshore
Coordinates 26°59′01″N 68°54′18″E / 26.9837298°N 68.905031°E / 26.9837298; 68.905031Coordinates: 26°59′01″N 68°54′18″E / 26.9837298°N 68.905031°E / 26.9837298; 68.905031
Operator OMV Pakistan
Partners OMV Pakistan (19.74%)
PPL (26.18%)
ENI Pakistan (23.68%)
Government Holdings Private Limited (22.50%)
Moravske naftove doly (7.90%)
Field history
Discovery 1998 [1]
Start of production October 22, 2003
Current production of gas 310×10^6 cu ft/d (8.8×10^6 m3/d)

Sawan Gas Field is located in Sindh, Pakistan. It is a joint venture of OMV Pakistan, ENI Pakistan, PPL, Moravské naftové doly and Government Holdings (Private) Limited.[2]

A total of 15 wells have been drilled in Sawan Field and 14 are supplying 270×10^6 cu ft (7,600,000 m3)d gas to Sui Northern Gas Pipelines and 40×10^6 cu ft (1,100,000 m3)d to Sui Southern Gas Company. The total volume of gas sold from Sawan field during 2009-2010 was 104,754×10^6 cu ft (2.9663×109 m3) as compared to 123,485×10^6 cu ft (3.4967×109 m3) during 2008-2009. Sawan was and still is one of the largest discoveries of gas reserves in Pakistan.[3]

The operator of the field is OMV Pakistan. It has commercially usable reserves of more than 45 billion cubic meters and OMV Pakistan share of the daily production is around 13,000 boepd.[4]

Sawan Gas Plant has its own airfield for transportation of staff due to its remote location. The airfield is known as Sawan Airport.

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