Saydal Sokhandan

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Saydal Sokhandan

Saydal Sokhandan was an Afghan poet, a Maoist activist, and a student leader. He was studying at the Kabul University in early-1970s. He was a speaker, who organized pro-Progressive Youth Organization students in the university. PYO is considered the first revolutionary communist formation in Afghanistan with Maoist ideology.

In June 1972, when Sholayis (Maoists) and Ikhwanis (Islamic fundamentalists) clashed on the campus of Kabul University, Saydal Sokhandan was killed by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar,[1] leader of the Islamic Party of Afghanistan, during this clash in June 1972.

Saydal Sokhandan has many poems in the Pashto language. One of his poems is:

په ټوپک او په برچه دی استعمار پاره پاره کړه

شابه شابه ای کارګره خپل ایمان غیرت ښکاره کړه


Tear apart colonialism with your gun and knife

Bravo Bravo Workers show your faith and determination