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Sayed Murad Khan Zand
Shahanshah of Persia
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Sayed Murad Zand.png
Shah of Iran
Reign 1789-1789
Predecessor Jafar Khan
Successor Lotf Ali Khan
Born ?
Died 1789
Dynasty Zand dynasty
Father Koda Morad Khan
Religion Twelver Shia Islam

Sayed Murad Khan Zand, was a Shah of Persia who reigned from January 23, 1789 until May 10, 1789. He was the eighth king of the Zand dynasty. His brief reign is indicative of the ruthless and brutal struggle for power that prevailed among members of the Zand family following the death of Karim Khan Zand in 1779.

King Ali Murad Khan Zand (centre), at his court beside an unnamed Princess (left) and his son: Prince Sayed Murad Khan (right)


Sayed Murad Khan was a member of the court of his predecessor, Jafar Khan, in the Zand capital of Shiraz. It was apparently Jafar Khan's treatment of Sayed Murad Khan that led the latter to plot the king's overthrow. Sayed Murad Khan had been governor of Shiraz but was later confined with his family and, according to one account beaten on Jafar Khan's orders in an effort to force him to divulge his wealth.[1]

In 1789 a group of individuals, led by Sayed Murad Khan conspired to poison Jafar Khan. A female slave was employed to carry out their wishes. Sayed Murad Khan and his followers overcame the weakened shah, killing him and throwing his head from the citadel.

After the murder of Jafar Khan, Sayed Murad became the king of Persia. Jafar Khan's son, Lotf Ali Khan, then marched to Shiraz, where he was popular among the people. Sayed Murad Khan held out for a short while in the city's citadel, but after reigning for less than 4 months he was forced to surrender and was executed. Lotf Ali Khan succeeded him on May 10, 1789.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Jafar Khan Zand
Shah of Persia
Succeeded by
Lotf Ali Khan Zand