Scales of Justice (miniseries)

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Scales of Justice
Written by Robert Caswell
Directed by Michael Jenkins
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 3
Producer(s) Michael Carson
Running time 227 mins
Original network ABC
Original release 20 September – 4 October 1983

Scales of Justice is a three-part Australian drama miniseries, made in 1983 by director Michael Jenkins.[1] It was one of the most controversial Australian mini-series ever produced, examining corruption in all levels of law enforcement.[2]

Scales of Justice contains three self-contained, character-linked dramas focusing on the world of Australian law enforcement, vice, drugs, politics and widespread corruption, from street level to the corridors of power, the programme achieved a near-documentary level of realism.

Scales of Justice first screened on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 1983. Robert Caswell expressed surprise at criticism the series received from police and press.[3]

It was released on DVD in 2005, with a 227 minutes running time.

Act One The Job[edit]

While investigating a break-in, Probationary Constable Leonard "Spider" Webber witnesses his senior officer stealing merchandise and is torn between loyalty to his team and his own conscience.


Act Two The Game[edit]

Detective Sergeants Ken Draffin and Mike Miles allow their integrity to be compromised by big-time criminal "Nipper" Jackson.


  • Dennis Miller as Sergeant Draffin
  • Tim Robertson as Sergeant Miles
  • Tony Barry as "Nipper" Jackson
  • Don Reid as Assistant Commissioner Thompson
  • Brian McDermott as Police Minister Carpenter

Act Three The Numbers[edit]

A young attorney-general's actions bring him into conflict with police, senior politicians and major crime bosses.


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