Scantraxx Reloaded

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Scantraxx Reloaded
Scantraxx Reloaded.jpeg
Founded 2006
Founder Willem Rebergen
Status Defunct
Distributor(s) Scantraxx
Genre Hardstyle
Country of origin Netherlands
Location Amsterdam

Scantraxx Reloaded was a Dutch record label and sub label of Scantraxx Records. Scantraxx Reloaded was owned by Willem Rebergen (who released music through the label under the name Headhunterz), and specialized in releases by Headhunterz, Gostosa, Wildstylez and Project One.[1]


Catalog# Releasedate Artist Title
SCREL001 20-09-2006 Headhunterz Victim Of My Rage
SCREL002 01-01-2007 Headhunterz vs Abject Scantraxx Rootz
SCREL003 22-01-2007 The Prophet Feat. Headhunterz High Rollerz / Scar Ur face
SCREL004 18-06-2007 Headhunterz Rock Civilization
SCREL005 28-08-2007 Wildstylez Life’z A Bitch
SCREL006 12-11-2007 Headhunterz Forever Az One
SCREL007 21-02-2008 Headhunterz Subsonic / Hate It Or Love It
SCREL008 07-03-2008 Headhunterz vs. Wildstylez Blame It On The Music / Project One
SCREL009 28-07-2008 Project One Life Beyond Earth / The Zero Hour
SCREL010 11-08-2008 Project One The Art Of Creation / Numbers
SCREL011 08-09-2008 Project One The World Is Yours / Halfway There
SCREL012 22-09-2008 Project One Fantasy Or Reality / It’s A Sine
SCREL013 06-10-2008 Project One Best Of Both Worlds / Rate Reducer
SCREL014 20-10-2008 Project One The Story Unfolds
SCREL015 28-10-2008 Headhunterz Just Say My Name
SCREL016 26-02-2009 Headhunterz The Fear Of Darkness
SCREL017 02-03-2009 Wildstylez Muzic Or Noize
SCREL018 27-04-2009 Project One Rmxz_001
SCREL019 01-06-2009 Headhunterz & Wildstylez vs. Noisecontrollers Tonight
SCREL020 01-07-2009 Headhunterz Megasound
SCREL021 21-09-2009 Gostosa What’s Goin On / Never Say Never
SCREL022 02-11-2009 Headhunterz The Remix EP
SCREL023 22-02-2010 Headhunterz Psychedelic
SCREL024 26-03-2010 Gostosa Sutra / Cold Rocking Feat. Wildstylez (Gostosa Remix)
SCREL025 11-06-2010 Wildstylez In & Out
SCREL026 22-12-2010 Headhunterz & Noisecontrollers Club Bizarre
SCREL027 30-05-2011 Headhunterz From Within
SCREL028 16-01-2012 Headhunterz & Wildstylez vs Noisecontrollers Tonight (Alpha² Remix)


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