Scapular of St. Benedict

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The Scapular of Saint Benedict rests upon the Holy Bible and Book of Common Prayer

The Scapular of St. Benedict is a Christian devotional scapular. This scapular is worn most often by the votarists and oblates belonging to the Order of Saint Benedict, who most often come from the Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran, and Methodist Churches.[1] Others associated with the Order of Saint Benedict may be invested with it.[2]


The front usually has a picture of St. Benedict, but no picture is necessary. The confraternity and the scapular were endowed with indulgences in 1882 and 1883. Since 1950, oblates of the Order of Saint Benedict who reside in warmer climates may wear the Medal of St. Benedict in lieu of the Scapular of St. Benedict, although the latter is still preferred.[3]

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