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West side exterior of Scargo Tower, Dennis, Massachusetts

Scargo Tower is a 30-foot-tall (9.1 m) cobblestone tower located atop Scargo Hill in Dennis, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.


There have been three Scargo towers in this same spot. The first tower was made in 1874, created by the Tobey family. The tower was constructed out of wood, however it was destroyed by a gale in 1876. The second tower was also made of wood and burned down in 1900. The second tower was also known as "Tobey Tower" in the name of the Tobeys. Today the third tower is still holding strong, built out of cobblestone, and created in 1901 for a memorial to the family of the Tobeys. The tower stands thirty feet high. It is located on the highest hill of the Mid-Cape region. From the tower, one can see almost all of Cape Cod on the bay side, including Provincetown and the Sagamore Bridge.

The Scargo Tower plaque[edit]

The Scargo Tower plaque

A plaque placed above the entrance to the tower reads, "This tower and hilltop were given to the town of Dennis in 1929 as a memorial to Charles Tobey (1831–1888) and Francis Bassett Tobey (1833–1913). Loyal sons of the village of Dennis where their Tobey ancestors settled in 1678."[1]


View of Scargo Lake and Cape Cod Bay from the tower

Scargo tower sits atop Scargo Hill, one of the tallest [160 feet (49 m)] and best-known hills on Cape Cod. The tower is located in the town of Dennis, Massachusetts off of Scargo Hill road, to the south of Scargo Lake.


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