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Scartaglen was a Kansas City based Celtic music group, that formed in the spring of 1982, and produced three albums (all now out of print) before disbanding in 1994. The group was composed of co-founder Roger Landes (bouzouki, mandolin, tenor banjo, guitar and bodhran), Connie Dover (vocals and keyboard), co-founder Michael Dugger (guitar, tenor banjo, fiddle, vocals), Kirk Lynch (uilleann pipes, flute, tin whistle, guitar and bouzouki). Earlier line-ups included co-founder David Agee (fiddle, mandolin, tenor banjo, bones and vocals), Kathy Agee (keyboards, flute, tin whistle and vocals), Matt Kirby (hammer dulcimer), Frank Martin (flute and tin whistle), Dave Brown (bodhran), Keith Van Winkle (fiddle) and Rebecca Pringle (fiddle). Not all of the musicians were in the band at the same time, but all contributed from about 1982 until the band dissolved more than twelve years later. Original tunes were contributed by Landes, Lynch, Dover, Kirby and Dugger.


  • Scartaglen, Kicking Mule Records (1984) (produced by Brian McNeil of Scotland's Battlefield Band) - on LP
  • The Middle Path, Castle Island Records (1986) - on LP
  • Last Night's Fun, City Spark Records (1992) - on CD

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