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Scary Cow (Scary Cow, the indie film co-op) is a community-based independent film production cooperative in San Francisco.


Castro Theater

Scary Cow is an indie film co-operative based in San Francisco, California. Focused on teaching adults how to make films, it uses its website and in-person meetings to help filmmakers meet each other, put together a crew, and create short films within a four-month time period. By pooling talent, assets, and financing, Scary Cow has created award winning films [1]

Every four months, Scary Cow holds a screening usually at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. All of the audience are provided ballots and they vote for their favorite films. Those ballots are tabulated and budgets are provided to the teams with the most votes. This encourages the teams with the best films to continue working together and creating additional great films in the future.


Founded in February 2006[2] by Jager McConnell, Scary Cow has created over 200 films since inception.

12th Scary Cow Film Festival[edit]

On October 10, 2010, the 12th Scary Cow Film Festival was screened at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. Nineteen short films were screened to a packed house. Audience, Members, and Judges awards were given to nine films:

  • The Magic Man [1][2][3][4]
  • Rock Hard, The Rise and Fall and Rise of Sexual Detergent [5]
  • Violet Is Single [6]
  • Dryertheque [7]
  • 7 Minutes in HELL
  • Autumn Rose Deep Red [8]
  • One of Two [9]
  • Clues
  • Voices From Pakistan [10]


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