Scat (novel)

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Scat cover.jpg
Author Carl Hiaasen
Illustrator Unknown
Country United States
Language Spanish/English
Genre Fiction
Publisher Knopf
Publication date
13 Jan 2009
Media type Print (Hardcover, paperback)
Pages 371
ISBN 0-375-83486-9jf
OCLC 53393228

Scat is a teenage novel by Carl Hiaasen, published in 2009. Scat tells the mystery of a missing teacher named Mrs. Bunny Starch, and how two of her students, Nick Waters and Marta Gonzalez, do everything they can to find her. The book is available in over 1,000 libraries.[1] Carl Hiaasen is the author of other notable children's fiction novels including Flush, in over 2,500 libraries,[2] and Hoot, in over 3,200 libraries.[3]

A main plot of the book features the endangered Florida Panther.

The book starts in a biology class. The teacher, Mrs. Starch, asks a question about the Calvin cycle, which no one except a girl named Libby is able to answer. Mrs. Starch is known to be very strict and harsh. She calls upon Duane "Smoke" Scrod Jr. to answer the question, who nonchalantly eats part of the pencil Mrs. Starch holds. As a result, he is assigned a 500 word essay on acne. The next day, the students go on a field trip to Black Vine Swamp. While there, two students, Nick and Marta take a recording on a video camera when they hear a sound. A wildfire starts and Mrs. Starch goes in to get Libby's asthma medicine. No one sees Mrs. Starch the next day, and some detectives interview the students. The detectives think that Duane is behind the arson, as he has a record of being pyromaniacal. Also, Duane, who is usually messy, rude and otherwise not academically devoted, changes into the exact opposite. However, at times, he skips class. Mrs. Starch leaves notes saying that she has a family emergency, which is odd, because she did not list any family members in any of her paperwork. Nick and Marta go to Mrs. Starch's house only to be found by Twilly, an environmental maniac. Meanwhile, the Red Diamond Energy Company is using oil in "Section 22" when they should only be using oil in 21. Nick and Marta eventually end up with Smoke, Twilly, and Mrs. Starch, and realize that there are actual panthers in the swamp. They end up saving the panthers and the Red Diamond Energy Company is arrested.


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