Schadenfreude (EP)

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EP by Lubricated Goat
Released May, 1989
Recorded at Sound Barrier in April, 1989
Genre Noise rock
Length 22:54
Label Black Eye Records
Producer Dave Boyne
Stu Spasm
Lubricated Goat chronology
Paddock of Love

Schadenfreude is the second EP released by the Australian noise rock band Lubricated Goat, released in 1989 through Black Eye Records.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Shut Your Mind"   3:22
2. "Prayer For Blood"   3:14
3. "Magumbo Head"   2:50
4. "The Hunt Is Better Than the Kill"   4:13
5. "Toys"   4:50
6. "Melting"   4:23