Schimmelpenninck (family)

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noble family
Schimmelpenninck van der Oije - Schimmelpenninck wapen.svg
Country Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands
Titles count, baron, jonkheer
Founded 15th century
Ethnicity Dutch

Schimmelpenninck is the name of two families belonging to the Dutch nobility.


The first recorded members of the family lived in the 15th century Zutphen and belonged to the political elite of that city.

Two branches exist nowadays:

  • Schimmelpenninck van der Oye: descendants of the family in Zutphen. They have the title of baron. The earliest known member is Jacob Schimmelpenninck who is mentioned in Zutphen from 1418 onwards.
  • Schimmelpenninck: This branch started with the wine merchant Johan Jacobsz. Schimmelpenninck († 1574) who was an illegitimate son of a member of the aforementioned Schimmelpenninck family. This branch was granted the title of count in the 19th century, based on the fact that one of its scions, Rutger Jan Schimmelpenninck, played an important role in Dutch politics during the 19th century. Other members of this branch are mentioned in Nederland's Patriciaat.

Coat of arms[edit]

The coat of arms of the family is two crossed, black keys on a silver surface.

Notable members[edit]


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