School District of Beloit

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The School District of Beloit
Beloit, Wisconsin
United States
District information
Type Public
Motto Thinking Beyond Now
Grades Pre-K-12
Superintendent Tom Johnson
Students and staff
Students 7,000
Other information

The School District of Beloit is a school district in the county of Rock County, Wisconsin serving the City of Beloit. The School District of Beloit educates and nurtures close to 7,100 students in 6elementary schools with limited class sizes, 4 intermediate schools and 1 high school. Four-year-old kindergarten, alternative programming and charter schools are available. The superintendent is Dr. Thomas Johnson.


High Schools[edit]

6-12 Schools[edit]

Intermediate Schools[edit]

  • McNeel Intermediate School
  • Aldrich Intermediate School
  • Cunningham Intermediate School
  • Fran Fruzen Intermediate School

Elementary Schools[edit]

  • Beloit Early Learning
  • Gaston
  • Hackett
  • Robinson
  • Todd
  • Merrill


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