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Schroeder Amplification, Inc. is a manufacturer of hand-wired guitar tube amplifiers and effects. They are located in Highland Park, Illinois and owned by Tim Schroeder.[1]

Critical reception[edit]

Schroeder Amplifiers have been praised for their high quality components and attention to detail.[2] Premier Guitar awarded the DB7, DB9, SA9 a perfect 5-star review and praised the amplifier, calling it "an instant classic"[2] and that the amp makes "the plainest of sonorities a thing of wonder".[2]

Guitarist Nels Cline uses the Schroeder DB7, DB9, SA9.[3] Andrew Bird also uses 2 red custom-built Schroeder amplifiers.[4]


  • Schroeder DB7, DB9, SA9 - all tube guitar amplifier[5]
  • Schroeder Dozer
  • Schroeder Formula 50 Head
  • Schroeder Sidecar - 2x12 speaker cabinet[5]
  • Schroeder Small Block Speaker Cabinet
  • Schroeder "IT" - FET-based clean boost/buffer[5]
  • Schroeder Blister Agent - distortion pedal[6]


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