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The Scooby Snack is a hamburger sold primarily in Glasgow, Scotland. It is a popular fast food item with students.[1]


The Scooby Snack consists of a hamburger, a sliced sausage, a bacon rasher, a potato scone, a fried egg and a slice of processed cheese, all contained within a floured hamburger bun and accompanied by tomato ketchup and brown sauce. Fried onions are also offered as an optional extra. [2]

The Scooby Snack, because of the sausage, cheese, bacon and egg, takes similar resemblance to a breakfast roll but is often eaten at lunchtime.

The Scooby Snack's invention is commonly accredited to The Maggie, a food truck located at the intersection of Byres Road and Great Western Road.[3] It is now sold by a number of after-hours fast food vendors throughout Glasgow.[4]


A derivative, the Super Scooby, was invented by The Jolly Fryer café in Bristol in 2009. It consists of four quarter-pound beef patties, eight rashers of bacon, eight slices of cheese, 12 onion rings and six slices of tomato in a sesame seed bun, accompanied by salad, lettuce, barbecue sauce and mayonnaise.[5]

Standing eight inches tall, the sandwich contains 2,645 kilocalories (11,070 kJ), which is more than the recommended daily intake of an adult male.[6] The sandwich costs GB£10 and comes with chips; If both the burger and chips are consumed in one sitting, customers are given a free Diet Coke to aid digestion.[7]


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