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The word scope may refer to many different devices or viewing instruments, constructed for many different purposes.

Scope or scopes may refer to:

People with the surname[edit]

  • Jamie Scope, English footballer
  • John T. Scopes, the central figure in the Scopes Trial, a legal case regarding the teaching of the theory of evolution

Arts, media, and entertainment[edit]


  • Scope (AngularJS), a certain kind of object used by the framework
  • Scope (computer science), the range in which a variable can be referenced
  • scope (scopeArchiv), an archival information program
  • CDC SCOPE, an acronym for Supervisory Control Of Program Execution, operating systems for Control Data Corporation mainframe computers


Devices and procedures[edit]

  • SCOPE (protein engineering), a technique of creating gene libraries
  • Scope (synthesizer), a DSP-based synthesizer by Creamware
  • Endoscope, an optical instrument (borescope) used to perform medical visual inspection (endoscopy) of enclosed body cavities. The term "scope" may refer to the following medical procedures:
    • Arthroscopy, for examining a joint space (orthopedics)
    • Bronchoscopy, for examining the lower respiratory tract (pulmonology)
    • Colonoscopy, for examining the large intestine (gastroenterology)
    • Cystoscopy, for examining the bladder (urology)
    • Gastroscopy, for examining the esophagus, stomach and duodenum (gastroenterology)
    • Mediastinoscopy, for examining the anterior mediastinum (cardiothoracics)
    • Laparoscopy, for examining the abdominopelvic cavity (general surgery and gynecology)
    • Nephroscopy, for examining the pelvi and calyceal system of a kidney (urology)
    • Rhinoscopy, for examining the nasal cavity, sinuses and pharynx (otorhinolaryngology)
    • Thoracoscopy, for examining a pleural cavity (cardiothoracics)
    • Ureteroscopy, for examining a ureter (urology)
  • Microscope, a magnifying optical instrument used to see objects that are too small for the naked eye
  • Oscilloscope, a type of electronic test instrument
  • Telescope, a magnifying optical instrument used to see objects that are too distant for the naked eye
    • Spotting scope, a portable high-power telescope for observation of distant objects
  • Telescopic sight, a reticled refracting telescope used as precision-oriented sighting device commonly on long guns (rifles and air rifles)


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