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Scot Ritchie is a Canadian author and illustrator. He specializes in children's literature and has published in advertising, editorial, map, and educational material. His work can be found in publications including Wall St. Journal, Newsweek, Chicago Tribune, New York Magazine, and Readers Digest. His 50+ children's books have been translated into Korean, Chinese, Dutch, French and Polish.

Awards and Honours[edit]

Children's non-fiction, author & illustrator[edit]

  • "Look Where We Live! A First Book of Community Building" (Kids Can Press 2015)
  • "Look at That Building! A First Book of Structures" (Kids Can Press 2011)
  • Follow That Map! A First Book of Mapping Skills (Kids Can Press, 2009)
  • Everything Kids' Spies Puzzle & Activity Book (Adams Media, 2008)
  • Everything Kids' Dragons Puzzle and Activity Book (Adams Media, 2008)
  • Everything Kids' Connect-the-Dots and Puzzle Book (Adams Media, 2008)
  • Crazy Mazey Houses (Little Hare Books, 2008)
  • Up, Up, and Away: A Round-the-World Puzzle Adventure (Maple Tree Press, 2006)

Children's non-fiction, illustrator[edit]

  • Let's Go: The Story of Getting from Here to There, by L. Flatt (Maple Tree Press, 2007)
  • aRHYTHMetic: A book and a half of poetry about math, by K. Winters, T. Stone, and L. Sherritt-Fleming (Gumboot Books, 2009)
  • Why?: The Best Ever Question and Answer Book About Nature, Science, and the World Around You, by C. Ripley (Maple Tree Press, 2004)
  • My Class and Me: Kindergarten Memory Scrapbook, by M. Leatherdale (Kids Can Press, 2003)
  • My Grandmother and Me Memory Scrapbook, by J. Drake, A. Love (Kids Can Press, 1999)
  • Hockey (Basics for Beginners), by L. Wark (Kids Can Press, 1994)
  • The Bears We Know, by Brenda Silsbe (Annikins, 1989)
  • My Father and Me Memory Scrapbook, by J. Drake, A. Love (Kids Can Press, 2000)

Anthology contributions, illustrator[edit]

  • "Rhyme or Reason" by K. Winters, in World of Stories (Gumboot Books, 2008)

Children's fiction, illustrator[edit]

  • "The Mightiest of All," by K. Winters, in Know Magazine (January, 2008)


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