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D. Scott Apel is an American author and media critic. He is famous for his analyses of the work of science fiction author Philip K. Dick and the television series The Prisoner.

Apel hosted a rebroadcast of The Prisoner on San Jose public television station KTEH in the mid-1980s. He compiled a new order of progression for the series' episodes based on extensive analysis, one which is considered by many to be definitive. He likens the series' structure to that of a three-act play. Apel's commentary on the themes of The Prisoner notes the show's possible interpretations from Jungian psychology, Platonic philosophy, and Joseph Campbell's "journey of the hero".[1]

Apel was friends with science fiction author Philip K. Dick. He was editor of The Dream Connection, a book which contained transcripts of an interview Apel held with Dick, as well as a letter written to from Dick to Apel. Apel was also interviewed for the documentary film The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick.

Apel has published some works of fiction, and was formerly a movie columnist for the San Jose Mercury News.[2]

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