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Scott Houston is a piano player, author, teacher and television personality who hosts and co-produces the Public Television series The Piano Guy. He also is the featured performer on a Public Television pledge special titled Play Piano in a Flash. He is also known as Scott The Piano Guy due to the television series of the same name.

The Piano Guy[edit]

The Piano Guy is a half-hour instructional television series broadcast on Public Broadcasting stations across the USA and Canada in both standard definition and high definition. The show is produced from the studios of Mills James Productions in Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Houston has received 2 Emmy Awards awards as Host/Moderator, and the show has received two Emmy Awards for production and graphics. Over 180 episodes, all but 26 in HD, have been produced. It offers demonstrations and advice on playing piano informally at various skill levels, with an emphasis on the fun of playing familiar tunes.

Often, a guest performer is invited to show how they perform a well-known song. Building the interpretation of the song from its melody and chord structure, which can often be found from a lead sheet, the guest will demonstrate different techniques and improvisations that add their own artistic influences onto their cover of the song. Each segment with a guest performer ends with their performance of the song.

Guest Performers[edit]

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