Scott Mebus

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Scott Mebus
Born Scott Mebus
November 28, 1974
Middletown, New York, United States
Occupation Novelist, Composer, Playwright, Theatrical Producer
Nationality American
Genre Comic novel, Urban Fantasy, Middle-grade
Subject Fiction
Spouse Kristina Grish (2007–present)

Scott Mebus is American novelist, composer and playwright. He has written two adult novels, Booty Nomad [1] and The Big Happy,[2] and the children's urban fantasy series "Gods of Manhattan."[3] His musical, Tarnish, played in the NY International Fringe Festival in 2001.[4] He also composed the theme song for the Discovery Channel Kids program, Outward Bound.[5]

Personal life[edit]


Scott Mebus married author Kristina Grish in 2007. They met when Grish was writing an article for Marie Claire wherein four romance authors of various stripes had to take her on a date to prove their romantic expertise. Mebus was the fiction author. Though everything went wrong on the date itself, Mebus managed to win Grish's heart.[6]


Mebus attended Hackley School, graduating in 1992.[7] He went on to receive a BA in English from Wesleyan University.[6]

Early work life[edit]

Mebus was a producer at MTV, working on such shows as The Tom Green Show, The Real World, and MTV Yoga[8] before leaving to pursue his writing career.

Published works[edit]

Adult books[edit]

  • Booty Nomad 2004
  • The Big Happy 2006

Children's books[edit]


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