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Scour may refer to:


  • The term ‘scouring’ applies to the removal of impurities such as oils, wax, gums, soluble impurities and dirt commonly found in textile material to produce a hydrophilic and clean cloth.

Hydrodynamic processes[edit]

  • Hydrodynamic scour, the removal of sediment such as sand and silt from around an object (resulting in a local depression), due to an increase of flow velocity around that object.
  • Bridge scour, erosion of soil around at the base of a bridge pier or abutments via the flow of air, ice, or water
  • Ice scour, also known as ice gouge, when a drifting ice feature (an iceberg, sea ice or a stamukha) scrapes the seabed
  • Tidal scour, erosion of substrate via tidal forces