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Scrape, scraper or scraping may refer to:

Biology and medicine[edit]

  • Abrasion (medical), a type of injury
  • Scraper (biology), grazer-scraper, a water animal that feeds on stones and other substrates by grazing algae, microorganism and other matter
  • Scrape, a depression in the ground, bare of soil, which is used as a bird nest
  • Cloud scraper, birds of the genus Cisticola
  • scrapers, a group of cyprinid fish in the genus Capoeta


  • Data scraping, a technique in which a computer program extracts data from human-readable output coming from another program
    • Screen scraping, a method through which a program captures information from a display not intended for processing by computers
    • Web scraping, extracting information from a website, for analysis or reuse, most effectively by a web crawler
  • Tracker scrape, request sent to a BitTorrent tracker
    • Scraper site, a website created by web scraping
    • Blog scraping, the process of scanning through a large number of blogs, searching for and copying content

Hand tools[edit]


Music and audio[edit]

In instruments or implements[edit]

  • Scraper (instrument), a musical instrument
  • Pick slide, also called pick scrape, an electric guitar playing/sound effect technique
  • Gourd scraper, also called a pua, a stick used for playing the güiro, an instrument consisting of a hollow gourd

In works[edit]


  • Boot scraper, an item of ironmongery used to scrape mud off boots
  • Scraper bike, a bicycle that has been modified by its owner
  • Scraper (car), a modified American-made family car characterized by large rims and extensive personalization
  • Scratchboard, also called a scraperboard, where drawings are created using sharp tools for etching into a thin layer of clay
  • Skyscraper, a building over 40 stories tall
  • Sparrowhawk, Oklahoma, a census-designated place once known as "Scraper" in Cherokee County, Oklahoma, United States

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