Sculpture walk Hoher Fläming

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Sculpture walk Hoher Fläming
"Under the pine trees“ by Susken Rosenthal
TypeSculpture walk
LocationUpper Fläming natural park
Nearest cityBrandenburg
Created5 August 2007
"Intermezzo" by Susanne Ruoff
"The hunt“ by Joerg Schlinke
"A waterfall for Fläming" by Wolfgang Buntrock and Frank Nordiek
"Five cubes" by Karl Menzen
"(K)UIER(EN) - going for a walk" by Silke De Bolle
"Wolves" by Marion Burghouwt

The Kunstwanderweg Hoher Fläming (Upper Fläming sculpture walk) is a collection of sculpture walks in the Upper Fläming natural park in Brandenburg, Germany, about 100 kilometres (62 mi), or an hour's train ride south of Berlin located between the railway stations at Bad Belzig and Wiesenburg/Mark. The 17-kilometre-long (11 mi), so-called north route was opened on 5 August 2007. The 16-kilometre-long (9.9 mi) so-called south route was opened on 8 May 2010. There are plans for a variety of connecting paths. The "Naturparkverein Fläming e.V." association planned and implemented both routes. The projects were financed via the European Community LEADER programme.

The north route[edit]

Ten works of art relating to the landscape have been installed along the north route. These were chosen from 114 submissions to a German federal competition by a jury chaired by Prof. Rolf Kuhn, the general manager of the Internationale Bauausstellung Fürst-Pückler-Land. An Internationale Bauausstellung (IBA) or Internationale architecture exhibition is a German political instrument for urban engineering and architecture, to show new concepts in terms of social, cultural and ecological ideas.

Position Title Artist
1st prize Under the pine trees Susken Rosenthal
1st prize Intermezzo Susanne Ruoff
1st prize The hunt Joerg Schlinke
The jury's special prize Waterfall for Fläming Wolfgang Buntrock and Frank Nordiek
Recognition award Plant labyrinth Jahna Dahms
Recognition award Changes between points of wonder Sebastian David
Recognition award Unexpected encounter between two
walking boots with a lot of razzmatazz
Walter Gramming and ushi f
Recognition award Of love and the senses Josefine Günschel and Roland Albrecht
Recognition award Axis Mundi Jens Kanitz
Recognition award Glacial erratic Hartmut Renner

The south route[edit]

The competition for the south route started in January 2009. Ist subject was the Setzling of the Fläming region by the Flemish people, 850 years ago. The competition was announced both in Flanders and in Fläming. In a two-stage selection process, six works of art were chosen from Flanders and six from Fläming by a jury chaired by Prof. Rolf Kuhn.

Artists from Flanders[edit]

Position Title Artist
2nd (K)UIER(EN) - going for a walk Silke De Bolle
Supports Guy van Tendeloo
3rd Wolves Marion Burghouwt
Line up Johan Walraevens
Porcelain tree Barbara Vandecauter
Spheres Marie-Christine Blomme

Artists from Fläming[edit]

Position Title Artist
Black stork in Fläming Egidius Knops
Flemish house Birgit Cauer
Bridge at rest Hannes Forster
1st Five cubes Karl Menzen
Picture of a garden Jost Löber
The columns Ute Hoffritz

The county of art - Upper Fläming[edit]

Artistic work in Upper Fläming is presented under the title of "The county of art - Upper Fläming". A project group working under the aegis of the Naturparkverein Fläming e.V. conceives artistic projects in Upper Fläming and implements them. In 2006, their first project was "Traces of art" ("Kunstspur"), a 2.5-kilometre-long (1.6 mi) walking route, presenting works of art produced by local artists. Following the implementation of the north route of the sculpture walk in 2007 and the south route in 2010, more projects are being planned.


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