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sdcv is the command line version of StarDict developed by Evgeniy A. Dushistov and Hu Zheng. It employs all dictionary files that belong to StarDict.

The word sdcv stands for StarDict under Console Version.

It is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Supported Platforms[edit]

sdcv runs under Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. As in StarDict, dictionaries of the user's choice have to be installed separately.

Main Usage[edit]


sdcv [ options ] [list of words]

Use "-h" option to view the message of whole options.


sdcv is simple, cross-platform text-base utility for work with dictionaries in StarDict's format. The word from "list of words" may be string with leading '/' for using Fuzzy search algorithm, string may contain '?' and '*' for using regexp search. It works in interactive and non-interactive mode. Press Ctrl+D to exit from interactive mode.


If set, sdcv uses this variable as data directory. In this example sdcv searches dictionaries in $STARDICT_DATA_DIR/dic.


Sometimes, we need to search for a certain pattern or example sentence from the dictionaries. sdcv along with text filter tools such as awk, sed, grep, and so on to will, of course, be very helpful.

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