Sea to Sea: I See the Cross

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Sea to Sea: I See the Cross
Compilation album by
various artists
Released18 October 2005
GenreCCM, Gospel
LabelLakeside Media Group / CMC Distribution
ProducerVarious; Executive producer: Martin Smith[1]
Various artists chronology
Sea to Sea: Filled With Your Glory
Sea to Sea: I See the Cross
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Sea to Sea: I See the Cross is the second album in the annual Sea to Sea praise and worship music series. The album includes thirty songs performed by Canadian Christian artists on two CDs. The album won a Gospel Music Association Canada Covenant Award in 2006 for Special Events/Compilation Album of the Year.[1] The Sea to Sea series is the brainchild of Covenant Award winning Executive Producer Martin Smith.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1[edit]

  1. Lift Me Higher - Shezza
  2. Do You Hear the Sound? - Elias Dummer
  3. Thank You for Your Love - Meeting House
  4. King of My Heart - Tara Dettman
  5. Open Sky - Dan Macaulay
  6. Glimmer - Elevate
  7. Merciful - Curtis Mulder
  8. Lord We Come to You - Margaret Graham
  9. Alive in This Moment - Starfield
  10. Shelter - Sean Dayton
  11. Surround Me - Drentch
  12. Rest in His Promise - David Ruis
  13. Walk into Heaven - North Park Community Church
  14. You - Stephanie Mainville
  15. If Anything Is Excellent - Jaylene Johnson

Disc 2[edit]

  1. I See the Cross - Brian Doerksen
  2. Evidence - Chanda Cooper
  3. Life of Worship - Jon Bauer
  4. There Is a Redeemer - Heather Clark / Martin Jones
  5. Home - Matt Brouwer
  6. Holy Is Your Name - The Kry
  7. Lord of the Starfields - Ali Matthews
  8. Holy Holy Holy Is the Lord - Tim Van Brummelon / Willow Park Church
  9. You Are God and You Are Wonderful - Lianna Klassen
  10. Going Back to the Source - Graham Ord
  11. Not My Own - Lowana Wallace
  12. J'espere en toi - Tabitha Lemaire
  13. You Heard My Cry - Jane Erickson
  14. You Are - Joe Di Francesco
  15. We Receive Your Blessing - Grace & Natasha Moes


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