Season Lao

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Season Lao
Born 劉善恆
16 February 1987
Education Macao Polytechnic Institute
Known for Photography
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 劉善恆
Simplified Chinese 刘善恒
Hanyu Pinyin Liú Shànhéng
Yale Romanization Làuh Sihn-hàhng
Japanese name
Katakana シーズン・ラオ
Romanization Shīzun Rao

Season Lao (劉善恆; born February 16, 1987) is a contemporary artist and photographer. He was born in Macau and is currently based in Hokkaido, Japan.

His works are mainly photos. Such subjects as the coexistence of nature and mankind, and the delicate balance between metropolis and countryside, are represented in a subtle way looking like ink-wash paintings (Suiboku-ga) by using custom handmade paper made of plant fibers.

Currently Lao presents his works mainly in East Asia, but many works have also been exhibited in Europe and America.

In Italy, his artworks were exhibited and published as a photo book L'uomo nel paesaggio together with Linda McCartney, David La Chapelle and Maurizio Galimberti (it). Representing Macau, his work has been exhibited in China's Pingyao International Photography Festival. He was also one of the artists to join the 67th Sapporo Snow Festival. One of his projects "Pateo do Mungo", which talks about the old street where he was born, was published as a photo book and documentary in Macau. The historic buildings, designated to be demolished, have been preserved. He was also selected for a special exhibition at the Daegu Art Fair 2016. His works were collected by AYA Niseko, a luxury condo hotel located in Niseko, Japan, to be permanently exhibited in the hotel rooms.


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