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Sebastian Fox Morcillo (1526?-1559?), a Spanish scholar and philosopher, was born in Seville between 1526 and 1528. Around 1548 he studied in Leuven. Following the example of the Spanish Jew Judas Abarbanel, he published commentaries on Plato and Aristotle, in which he endeavoured to reconcile their teachings. In 1559 he was appointed tutor to Don Carlos, son of Philip II, but he was lost at sea on his way to Spain to take up the post.[1][2]

His best-known work is De imitatione, seu de informandi styli ratione libri II (1554), a dialogue between the author and his brother under the pseudonyms of Gaspar and Francisco Enuesia. Fox Morcillo's other publications include:

  • In Topica Ciceronis paraphrasis et scholia (r 550)
  • In Platonis Timaeum coinmentarii (1554)
  • Compendium ethices philosophiae ex Platone, Aristotele, aliisque philosophis collectum
  • De historiae institutione dialogus (1557) (Antonio Cortijo Ocaña, Teoría de la historia y teoría política en el siglo XVI. Alcalá de Henares: UP, 2000)
  • De naturae philosophic


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