Sébastien Charlier

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Sébastien Charlier
Sébastien Charlier
Background information
Born 1971
Origin France
Genres jazz, jazz fusion, acoustic, rock, blues
Occupation(s) Musician, Harmonica Player
Instruments Harmonica, Banjo, Guitar, Electronic Wind Instrument
Website www.sebcharlier.com

Sébastien Charlier (Beaumont-sur-Oise, 1971) is a French diatonic harmonica player. He plays chromatically, in all keys, on a single blues harp. His music is inspired by many different influences, from Blues to Jazz, from Fusion to Electro-Pop.[1][2] He is also author of two textbooks: Je débute l'harmonica[3] and Méthode en poche harmonica.[4]



  • Impasse des Mousserons, 1995, Electro Jazz
  • Just Jazz, 1998, 9 jazz standards
  • Diatonic Revelation, 2005, produced by Didier Lockwood
  • Precious Time, 2009, Jazz Fusion
  • La Coccinelle Geante, 2009, Electro-Pop


Pop / Rock / Electro:

On soundtracks


  • Harmo Jazz


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