2nd Battle Squadron

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2nd Battle Squadron
Active 1912–1944
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  Royal Navy
Size Squadron
Engagements Battle of Jutland

The 2nd Battle Squadron was a naval squadron of the British Royal Navy consisting of battleships. The 2nd Battle Squadron was initially part of the Royal Navy's Grand Fleet. After World War I the Grand Fleet was reverted to its original name, the Atlantic Fleet. The squadron changed composition often as ships were damaged, retired or transferred.


First World War[edit]

As an element in the Grand Fleet, the Squadron participated in the Battle of Jutland.[1]

August 1914[edit]

On 5 August 1914, the squadron was constituted as follows:[2]

Battle of Jutland, June 1916[edit]

As an element in the Grand Fleet, the Squadron participated in the Battle of Jutland. During the Battle of Jutland, the composition of the 2nd Battle Squadron was as follows:[1]

January 1918[edit]

By 1918, HMS Agincourt had been transferred from the 1st Battle Squadron.

Second World War[edit]

September 1939[edit]

By this time the squadron was in the Home Fleet and consisted of:[3]

Admirals commanding[edit]

Commanders were as follows:[4]

Rear-Admirals Second-in-Command[edit]

Post holders included:[5]


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