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Second Coming generally refers to the Second Coming of Christ but may also refer to:

In religion[edit]

  • Second Coming (LDS Church)
  • The Second Coming or The Next Master of the Aetherius Society, which believes that a "Great Cosmic Being" will come to Earth from another planet to guide mankind into the New Age

In art, media, and entertainment[edit]


  • Second Coming (2014 film), a film directed by debbie tucker green
  • The Second Coming (1992), a film directed by Blair Underwood
  • The Second Coming (2014), a film written and directed by Tin Chi Ng and Ng Tin Chi





  • "Second Coming", a song by Alice Cooper on the album Love It to Death (1971)
  • "The Second Coming", a song by CFO$; entrance theme of [Seth Rollins
  • "The Second Coming", a song by Juelz Santana


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