Secret Scandal

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Scandalo Segreto
Scandalo segreto monica vitti.jpg
Directed by Monica Vitti
Produced by Roberto Russo
Written by Monica Vitti
Gianfranco Clerici
Roberto Russo
Starring Monica Vitti
Elliott Gould
Gino Pernice
Catherine Spaak
Cinematography Luigi Kuveiller II
Edited by Alberto Gallitti
Distributed by Reteitalia Productions
Academy Distribuzione
Release date
Running time
85 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Secret Scandal (Italian: Scandalo segreto) is a 1989 Italian film which was written and directed by Monica Vitti. It was starred by the same Monica Vitti, Elliott Gould, Gino Pernice, and Catherine Spaak. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival.[1]

For the movie, Monica Vitti made her debut as a director. Nevertheless, it would be her last appearance on the big screen.


On her birthday, Margherita (Monica Vitti) receives a video camera from a friend, who is a film director (Elliott Gould). She decides to use the device to keep a diary of her life. As the camera is capable of recording automatically, snippets usually feature her talking. However, on one occasion, Margherita leaves the camera in her bedroom as it was still recording; it catches Margherita's husband, Paolo (Gino Pernice), who has always had a distant demeanor to her, as he cheats on her with her best friend (Catherine Spaak). A secret scandal ensues in their separation with Paolo's departure and Margherita going into a deep depression, even to the point of contemplating suicide. Her friend, the director who gave her the camera, examines the film, and concludes that it is interesting material for an actual movie.




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