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The Secte Rouge, also called the Cochon Gris or the Vinbrindingue, is or was a secret society in Haiti, which Zora Neale Hurston described in her 1938 book Tell My Horse.[1] She described them as a fearsome group of cannibals who performed rites distinct from vodou. Hurston provided descriptions of ceremonies to the gods Maitre Carrefour (Lord of the Cross Roads) and Baron Maitre Cimiterre, a deity involved with graveyards.

Secte Rouge in Popular Culture[edit]

In "The Man in the Morgue" episode 19 of the first season of the TV show Bones (TV series). The secte rouge is portrayed as a group of vodou sorcerers who unbalance the world and seek to do evil.

The group appears in the Doctor Who spinoff novel White Darkness.


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